Just My Luck
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: š / ѡ
: - ҷ
˹ : 22 Զع¹ 2549

ͪ (Ѻ Թ ҹ) ˭ԧǷ⪤շشҹù줫Ե ˹ҷçҹ ԵʴʫҺ ѧѡͺŵʹ 㹢з ਤ (Ѻ 侹) 繪˹ѾѺ⪤ش ͧǡѹ ѡ纵Ǩҡ˵⪤ǹ ѧѹҴ͡ʧ

⪤еҢͧ ͪ Ѻ ਤ ѹѺҧѹ ͷ駤ꧡѹ㹧ҹ˹ҡҡ šԵȹ ⪤еҡѺҧү ԵͧͪԴǧ´Թ ǹਤѺآ㹪Ǣ׹ ѹշʵ ͪԺѵԡ÷ǧ⪤׹ ¡õҺ֡Ѻ ѧҨǧ⪤բͧ仨§龺...

Just My Luck 繼ŧҹͧشͧ ⴹŴ 緷 ӡѺҧҾ¹ͧ How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Miss Congeniality ˹ѧš My Favorite Martian, Grumpy Old Men ҡҾ¹ չ ԧ ( 'Saving Graces') ( 'The Comeback') ҡçͧͧ ⨹Ҹҹ 䵹, , չ ԧ

Just My Luck ʴ Թ ҹ (Herbie Fully Loaded, Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, The Parent Trap) Ѻ (The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement) 俫͹ Կ (Torque, Elf, The Fighting Temptations, Blue Crush, The Replacements), ʫ (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Along Came Polly, Big Fish, Bringing Down the House) ŻԹѧѺѧ ǧ McFly